UPCOMING PROGRAMS: AJAPA JAPA MEDITATION – “Mindfulness to develop concentration and focus in daily life”; 21st April 2018 (Saturday) ; 7.30Pm To 9PM

Rhythm of Life

Rhythm of Life is the flagship program conceptualized and administered by Guruji. This is a highly successful self-management programs, with life changing experiences and immense health benefits. Through the right breathing and Yogic stretches, your health and immensely improve and your energies vitalised.

Yoga Classes
Hatha Yoga
Traditional style of ancient yoga practices of human stretches
Yoga Nidra
Discard all disturbing thoughts, phobias and neurosis

Breathing techniques for mothers and mothers-to-be

Children/Teenager Program

Introduce young ones to techniques of stronger mental & physical health

Elderly Program
Correcting physical & emotional balances that become soft due to age
Couples Yoga

How to live a healthy life by creating a lifelong partnership with support


Breathing exercises to extend your life energy and expanding your breath

Zero Gravity

Developing flexibility using gravity

Therapeutic Yoga

Cure health issues using a healing process through yoga


Deep inner contentment, tranquility and happiness of mind

Corporate Yoga
Corporate Stress Buster
Focuses on yoga stretches for a healthier lifestyle (6-8 sessions of one hour each)
Corporate Rhythm
Focuses on breathing, stretches, stress release (3 levels of 3-3-4 sessions)
Corporate Retreat
Enjoy a relaxing weekend retreat focused on relaxation and life management (2 days)
HIIT Workouts
Tones your upper body and lower body
Pure Cardio
Improved overall health and increased metabolism
Power Resistance
A set of exercises that build muscle using resistance
Core Blast
Tightens abdomen and enables distribution of weight
Circuit Work Out
Challenges your body in a small amount of time
Boot Camp
Reduces weight and improves endurance
Cross Fit
A strength and conditioning workout that uses bodyweight
A self defence art with a combination of steps
Become a Yoga Teacher
Interested in becoming a Yogi teacher? Become and international yoga teacher through the International Yoga Teachers Training program (accredited by the Council of Yoga Accreditation International), based by ISO Certification and endorses by REPs UAE. The 200 / 400 hours Program comprises of Yoga Sutras training module with an internship.