It has made me feel very good. My body used to hurt all the time and my back would hurt. I would not be able to sleep well at night. But all this has changed. I feel very healthy and fresh physically. Through yoga I have more self-awareness and so I can manage my thoughts and desires beautifully. I have deeper knowledge of life. The benefits from this program have been countless: peace of mind, stress management, enhancement of our mental and spiritual skills. I feel I am on the right path and there is no looking back

Pallavi (Indian actress)

When I first came to know about Rhythm Yoga, I thought this is also another stretching class which I have seen on TV. But once I faced a health crisis, I remembered about this centre as my friend told me this particular 10 day yoga program (Rhythm of Life) has specially designed to address health issues and for general well-being. I was diagnosed with a disease called MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease). I was under steroid and Imuran treatment for about 1 ½ years. These medicines helped significantly to control the disease. My doctor told me I need to take medicine for life. When I was worried, he showed me the examples of small children who got this disease and they also have to take this medicine for a longer period than me as per their age. My sufferings from the disease made me strong to take a constructive decision and I decided to stop medicine and started doing Yoga with Sanjeev Guruji – he is my saviour. First day, when I went to Sanjeev I couldn’t sit on the floor, all my joints were swollen and painful, my skin and kidney were affected – a side effects of the medicine I took. I did ROL program in February 2012, and completely came out of the disease within a span of 6 months.

During this process, I did parallel blood tests once in two months for about one year, and took continues guidance from Guruji. Even after the ROL program Guruji allowed me to follow free classes (Hatha Yoga) regularly. I shifted my life style more towards the nature; I drank various juices to cleanse the body; and ate mostly raw food to rejuvenate the body, prescribed by Guruji and continued with regular practices of stretches given according to my requirements; breathing techniques and meditations. Gradually, I was re-born.

Rita De Silva

I would like to thank you sincerely for introducing and making me experience the benefits of Yoga – the Rhythm of Life. As you were aware, the kind of ailments I was suffering from before I joined the 10-day course. I have been practicing the art, as per your teachings and guidance, on a daily basis and today, I am very pleased to inform you that I have recovered myself from most of the ailments that I was suffering from and the immense gains are body flexibility and completely recovered from Gastro-epharsis reflex disease (GERD) without taking any medication. We wish you to continue your service on Yoga successfully for a long time to come to the welfare of communities and people

Sumathi Ramanujan

My whole family had joined this program and gained a lot through Guruji’s Rhythm of Life Program. My wife was suffering from mental depression for the last 1 year and taking strong medicines to cure but it persisted. After the program my wife is more energetic, mentally and physically stronger and slowly has stopped the medicines. Guruji not only taught simple exercises to keep body fit but also purified our mind, our vision and knowledge

V. Manimaran

I lost 3 kg., I sleep very well now, and I’m more concentrated than before. I have more energy to do my house works and I know how to use this energies and that’s the difference. I feel like a divine inspiration when I think of my family. I start to know myself in this course. I found beautiful person full of love and happiness, the most important is I love myself like I am. The method is fantastic because it touches the points that we need to know in life.

Maria Alencastro

I am very happy that I found this program. I came to this course because I was feeling completely out of balance. Doctors diagnosed me with anomaly in my brain, for that reason I’ve done an operation in 2003, and part of this I have fluid in my spine that’s why the doctor wants to operate again. They told me the damage is already done. In ten days of a course, I am free of all these. In all these days I could enjoy the power of my attitude, how you can change things in life when you know how to manage yourself. Thanks Sanjeev and the center for this wonderful opportunity

Silvia Boeira

Health wise yoga has benefited me a lot. I was suffering from migraine from the last 20 years, after doing this Rhythm of life course for 10 days my migraine has just vanished. What the doctors could not treat me in 20 years the yoga has done it in 10 days. I have learnt to control my mind in lot of ways. I have learnt to control my anger, which is a great change. Gained a lot of good and true knowledge.

Renu Vineet Pantvaidya

It has been nearly ten years now when two doctors, basing on the MRI result of my spinal column, were very eager to do microdisectomy operation on my lower back to scrape the so-called migrated discs of my L-4 and L-5 lumbar spine. According to their medical wisdom and experience, that was the only way to get rid of my back and leg pains. It was a blessing in disguise when during that time, our finance was low and my health insurance had just expired. Because had everything been readily available, I would have blindly followed the doctors’ verdict and went on with operation. And as if by design, my immediate superior also suffered the same situation some years back and suggested that I try yoga and introduced me to my guruji, Mr. Sanjeev. And so, I attended the program of Rhythm of Life and the rest, as they say, was history. My sickness was like a wake up call for me to be more at tuned to my body’s needs and yoga made me realize it, not only through the breathing techniques, body postures and meditation but also the inspirational talks of Mr. Sanjeev that are not only spiritual but surprisingly practical and even scientific. A few months later, I had another MRI scan and gave me a more factual rationale for the reduction of my pains. The L-5 slipped discs had been repaired and the L-4’s slipped disc had been reduced. I’m definitely on the road to recovery and the neurosurgeon who recommended the operation was also happy with the result and advised me to continue what I have been doing. Operation no longer required

Mr. Rico Apostol Quinmo

This is the true story of me (Saravanan) and my wife (Kalpana) and the impact ROL has made to our lives. My wife and I have gained diabetes, hypertension, depression, back disc issue, cervical spondylitis, etc to name a few in the past few years that we have been married to each other. We started taking each other for granted and lost interest in each other. We started resenting each other and yes, I was in deep depression and my wife on the other hand was threatening to ditch me unless I met the Yoga master she believed in (and I did not at that time), I unwillingly met Mr. Sanjeev Krishnan 3 years ago; my plan was to spend 15 minutes with this guy and leave so my wife cannot use this as a threat to leave me. That first meeting lasted 2 hours. I then did the Yoga Nidra and ROL and was fully out of my depression in 20 days and Mr. Sanjeev Krishnan became Guruji for me. Our married life became a smooth routine once again. We finally rediscovered our lost love. Our life is now in bliss and the effect of our harmony transcends into the happiness of our children, our parents and all our friends and relatives. I have understood my wife much better in the past three months than I have understood her in the past 18 years; I now know what she likes, what her temperament is, and what she really expects from me and I am delighted to make her happy in every possible way I can.

Saravanan and Kalpana

Early 2009, I developed severe lower back pain. Initially I ignored it but when pain did not subside I went for a quick fix of taking painkillers hoping that the pain would disappear. When it did not, I visited a homeopath and took medicine prescribed by him for a couple of months besides 15 sessions of Ayurveda body massage and around 10 sessions of herbal massages. However even after 6 months when the pain did not subside I visited orthopedic doctor in Dubai who advised me to undergo an x-ray and MRI test both of which indicated a slip disc. I was advised take medication accompanied by several sessions of physiotherapy. However since both of these did not show any improvement I was advised to undergo an operation, which was the only option, left. Not knowing what to do, some of my well wishers advised me to get into prayers while the others suggested weight reduction to ease the stress on my lower back due to excess weight. In 2010 I had the opportunity to attend a seminar on ‘The importance of Yoga in Life’ by Guruji Sanjeev Krishnan. Right after the seminar I made my way to Guruji and explained my current problem. He suggested that I do not go for operation but instead visit the studio for a Yoga session and he would fix it. “ You can take my word for it” he said and I felt “Wow!” I scheduled a visit with all my reports /MRI and challenges. The meeting was quite fruitful and I enrolled myself for the 10-day workshop. I must say that within 3 months I was able to walk more comfortably and sleep without many breaks. My sincere thanks to Guruji for taking me through the wonderful 10 day Yoga workshop which was cost effective with no side effects. Today, after 6 years I have participated in several marathons and Spartan races, climbed the Alphs, enjoyed daredevil water rides etc.

Santhosh Pius