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Sanjeev Krishna Yoga

An institution of universal knowledge 
 with logical and scientific approach

Guruji is a healer and a yogi from Childhood

Healing From Within is a divine wisdom

SKY is an institution of self knowledge
which shares to care every living human life
for inner peace, harmony, health, wealth, wellness and happiness.

Rhythm Of Life

A master’s contribution to the world.

Realise we are all one in many
and many from the one.

Every living human is an institution of self knowledge
The university of wisdom lies within each one of us,
Rhythm of life is the key to unfold this divine knowledge
For inner harmony , to share and to care for world harmony

  • Leads one from temporary feeling of happiness to enjoy life every moment
  • Leads one from darkness and ignorance to divine light
  • Leads one from limited outlook to unlimitedness in all life
  • To realise the beauty of human life as a part of this wonderful nature in its truest form

Flagship program of SKY

Yoga Teacher Training

  • Ignite from within your divine light
  • Enlighten the light of knowledge to wisdom
  • Spread the fragrance of life & Love to the world

Yoga Teacher’s Training from SKY under the tutelage of Guruji sanjeev krishna is a journey to know, ignite oneself and enlighten the beauty of life to all.

This program helps one and all throughout their life, for it brings life and love to the individual, to share and care oneself, family, society and the world in a universal light.

You master the Philosophy of Universal knowledge through the ancient text transcended to us from a great heritage of wisdom blessed by great Masters from time immemorial from all over the world.

This calms the inner agitations to a state of tranquility to realise the beauty of inner vibration which is soothing to the soul and experience the fullness in one’s life.

Become a dynamic channel to serve humanity by spreading this divine knowledge.

Corporate Yoga

Employees that are healthy, happy and positive are more productive.

SKY dynamic relaxation with physical and mental blend blossom

  • Releases body stiffness.
  • Develops team building.
  • Builds high energy levels.
  • Enhances mind body relations.
  • Blossoms creative potential.
  • Meditative Practices enhances clarity and deep relaxation.

Various corporate programs : SKY Corporate Yoga, SKY Corporate Rhythm, SKY Corporate Mindfullness Meditation Course, SKY Corporate Retreats.

Yoga Nidra – Psychic sleep

Doing nothing but gaining everything by your powerful thought wave and vibrant channeling.

SKY dynamic relaxation with physical and mental blend blossom

  • Your creative potential
  • Overcomes, phobias, neurosis, traumas and other mental & emotional disturbances
  • Brings clarity of the mind is all words and actions.
  • Benefits ,cardiovascular disorders, psychosomatic ailments.
  • For elderly it brings back self confidence.
  • Develops focus in children/teenagers for a vibrant manifestation.

Self-realization with introspection touches upon our deep inner personality.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the traditional, authentic classical form of yoga transcended from generations, through the ancient texts called Hatha yoga pradipika written by great Indian Yogi’s and practitioners from time immemorial.

All the modern physical form of yoga is derived from this classical text written down by great saints observing the postures adopted by animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians by them to revive and refresh back to health, by adopting instinctively from nature .

This forms the 84 postures of hatha from major 82,000 species in nature.

HIIT Workout

A training technique which involves intense bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by varied periods of low-intensity active rest, or complete rest. HIIT can be a great option for staying in shape when time is an issue, as you can get an amazing fat-burning workout in 20 minutes or less. The true benefits of HIIT come from its effects post-workout. HIIT has been shown to elevate the metabolism for hours after your workout, essentially turning you into a fat-burning machine if done correctly and with adequate intensity.

Corporate Yoga

Stress Buster

Focuses on yoga stretches for a healthier lifestyle (6-8 sessions of one hour each)


Focuses on breathing, stretches, stress release (3 levels of 3-3-4 sessions)


Enjoy a relaxing weekend retreat focused on relaxation and life management (2 days)