About SKY

SKY is a brain child of Guruji Sanjeev Krishna, initially started in 2003, in Dubai, UAE, in the name of Rhythm yoga center. From the time of inception, it had grown to be a reputable yoga institution, in the middle East. Conducting classes for individuals, families, educational institutions, universities,and various corporates.

In 2004 it had participated in the Government programs and received a participation award from DOHMS for its contribution to world health through Yoga.


Sanjeev Krishna Yoga Centre contribution to health and wellness has been noteworthy by the
testimonials rendered by its participants in the various programs conducted at the center.

ISO certified

SKY is the first one in the middle east as an internationally ISO certified yoga center by INTERTEK ISO 9001:2015.

Certified by CYAI

SKY is certified by CYAI (COUNCIL FOR YOGA ACCREDITATION INTERNATIONAL) as recognized center in Middle East


SKY is endorsed by Reps (Registered exercise professionals UAE) coming under Dubai Sports Council and ICREPS


Recognition from DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MEDICAL SCIENCE, DUBAI, UAE (DOHMS) for the participation

About Guruji Sanjeev Krishna

Be a seeker of knowledge
And we will realize every person In our life as a teacher.

Guruji Sanjeev Krishna is the founder, director for Sanjeev Krishna Yoga established for more than a decade in Dubai. He is lovingly called by his students as Guruji. "Guru " means teacher and "Ji " stands as a respect for the profound knowledge he contributes in the life of many from all over, who come in touch by his teaching and the various classes he conducts. It has changed lives of people to bring in a positive, peaceful and awakening outlook towards life for health, wealth, happiness and well-being in all facets of experiences.

Guruji Sanjeev Krishna from a very young age of 12 years, is a seeker of knowledge and a thinker of life and its manifestations. His passion leads him to great Masters in these yogic disciplines and teaching's. His ardent desire to learn about life made him what he is today.
"The more I seek knowledge, the more I feel I am still a child who knows nothing, so I seek more and more in my search for eternal truth of life " _ Guruji Sanjeev Krishna. This infinite knowledge has no limitations till the end of all our lives.

A passionate student in the knowledge of yoga, a compassionate student for all the Masters he underwent his training in various such yogic discipline, a professional in many diversified fields from medicine, transport to financial institution and asset recovery. His contribution to society by serving in Rotary International club as a PP and GGR of dist. 3200, Spastic society and other charitable institutions until he left everything to pursue his passion of the seed already sown within from his child hood.

His vision and mission

Ignite the world of the knowledge we all have within and light up our lives for a beautiful tomorrow. Our younger generation should not suffer by ignorance and darkness but shine forth in life tomorrow as wonderful personalities to contribute to the world.
We are not apart from anyone But we are all a part of everyone, As one large family in this beautiful world.

His classes stand apart from the normal yoga of stretchings.

He is more into the science and principles of health and wellness management imparted according to the necessitates and requirements of the students who come to him that gives them the relief and cure for many health issues, be it physical, mental, psychological or psychosomatic uneasiness of health. One of his flagship programs called the Rhythm of Life is an awakening light of knowledge that transform lives in all respects, be it in outlook of life or disciplines. It overcomes any type of health issues be it physical or mental etc. More than 8000 participants from all over the globe have experienced and reaped the benefits of his classes in many ways.

Sanjeev Krishna Yoga center for wellness is in the heart of Dubai with various activities for physical, mental and emotional well-being to cater to any physical and mental healing technique to suit anyone who steps into this Noble institution.

Our Team

Be a seeker of knowledge
And we will realize every person In our life is a teacher.

Sanjeev Krishna

As a true seeker of knowledge from a young age, his passion leads him to the.

Mike [HIIT]

The trainer for HIIT, circuit training, functional training, Kick


He is a yoga trainer & enthusiast. With his family


Lady instructor for hatha yoga/swing yoga and has the


Pilates trainer ,well experienced in these classes

Dr. Sharanya Rathnam

(Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) Reg No/Class: 0944/A


Shaiju is good in yoga therapy specialized in cervical issues


Donna is our receptionist. Always eager to help the customers by checking