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About SKY

SKY is a brain child of Guruji Sanjeev Krishna, initially started in 2003 ,in Dubai , UAE, in the name of Rhythm yoga center.  From the time of inception ,it had grown to be a reputable yoga institution ,in the middle East. Conducting classes for individuals, families, educational institutions,  universities,and various corporates.

“In 2004 Dsf it had participated in the Government programs and received a participation award from DOHMS for it’s contribution to world health through Yoga.”


  • SKY is an internationally certified yoga center.
    The first and the only ISO certified yoga centre in the middle east
  • SKY is certified by CYAI (COUNCIL FOR YOGA ACCREDITATION INTERNATIONAL ) as the only recognized center in the middle East for it’s yoga teacher training coming from the international body of traditional schools of yoga from India based on the yoga sutras of the ancient Masters of Indian origin.

  •  SKY is endorsed by Reps ( Registered exercise professional s – UAE coming under Dubai Sports Council and ICREPS ( INTERNATIONALLY CERTIFIED REGISTERED EXERCISE PROFESSIONALS)

  •  Recognition from DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND MEDICAL SCIENCE, DUBAI,UAE( DOHMS ) in it’s participation in 2004 DSF in HH.Sheikh Mohammed, ‘Keep Fit program where he had taken a group of his students for an awareness walk in AL SEEF STREET , Dubai, as a yoga center contributing to world health through Yoga

  • Also certifications and recognition from various social bodies for educating children in this great knowledge


Be a seeker of knowledge
And we will realize every person
In our life is a teacher.

In other words do not impose yourself on other’s when not asked for, We will only land up fighting one another.

So is the world suffering today. Each one trying to teach one another. Then ego clashes to destroy lives of individuals, families, societies, nations and the world.

All the seekers of knowledge are childlike, Keen to know and then share and care one another.

Sanjeev Krishna is lovingly called by his students as Guruji. “Guru” means teacher and “Ji ” stands as a respect for the profound knowledge he contributes in the life of the people who come in touch by his teaching and the various classes he conducts. It changes lives for a positive outlook towards life, health, peace, happiness and well-being.

Guruji Sanjeev Krishna from a very young age of 12 years, is a seeker of knowledge and a thinker of life and it’s manifestations. This passion of his, lead him to great Masters in these yogic disciplines and teaching’s. His ardent desire to learn about life made him what he is today.

“The more I seek knowledge, the more I feel I am still a child who knows nothing, so I can learn more and more in my search for eternal truth of life.”

As a professional in many diversified fields ,from medicine, transport ,financial institutions, and asset recovery until he left everything to pursue his passion for the seed already sown within himself from childhood.


  • Mike [ HIIT ] 
    The trainer for HIIT, circuit training, functional training, Kick boxing , TRX, kettlebells, and general fitness.He is experienced in the fitness field and specialized in weight loss, weight training, core and balance, kickboxing and general fitness.

  • Nikhil [Hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga , power yoga,meditation classes) 
    He is a yoga trainer & enthusiast. With his family background of yoga tradition, has maintained the knowledge in the most traditional methods on the following. Has the experience of teaching people from all parts of the world, especially from Europe, U.S and from middle east. He started training 10 years ago. Been taking class since then for different people according to their physical and mental condition.

  •  Akhil Vinod
    Trainer for the self protection knowledge evelod from nature called the Kalaripayattu. He has been exposed and trained from an early age is a trainer with good knowledge and experience. He holds national championship and state level certificates

  • Dhanya Rathnam
    Lady instructor for hatha yoga/swing yoga and has the exposure from a young age and conducts ladies individual,classes, prenatal/postnatal classes and therapeutic classes.

  • Sharon Alvares
    Pilates trainer ,well experienced in these classes and has a good background in this knowledge.